Submission of Manuscripts

The journal invites the submission of manuscripts on International Law, International Human Rights Law, Comparative Criminal Law, Criminology, and Penal Philosophy. Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor in Chief, accompanied by an undertaking that the piece has not been published, submitted, or accepted elsewhere.


Authors are requested to submit their manuscript by electronic mail (Word or Windows attachment) to:; alternatively, a hard copy of the manuscript can be sent by post to:


Dr Anna Marie Brennan

School of Law and Social Justice,

University of Liverpool,

Mulberry Court (Walnut House),

Mulberry Street,

Liverpool, L7 7EZ

United Kingdom



Length of manuscript


Manuscripts submitted to the Journal should range from 4,000 to 12,000 words in length, including abstract and footnotes. In exceptional cases, the editorial board will increase this limit to 15,000 words for Articles that make an important contribution to the field.



Format requirement


All manuscripts should be double spaced with single spaced abstract and footnotes. Heavy footnoting is discouraged. Authors are invited to follow OSCOLA, which is the Journal’s style guide, which may be obtained from the Editorial Assistant upon request, or from the Journal’s web page.


Consideration of manuscripts 


All manuscripts are double-blind peer reviewed. Receipt of all manuscripts will be acknowledged as soon as possible, and after receiving comments from two to three referees, notification of acceptance, rejection or need for revision will be communicated within nine weeks of receipt of manuscript.


Book reviews


The journal will publish book reviews (700-2,000 words). If you are interested in reviewing a title, please contact the Book Review Editor for a list of titles that may be available for review. Please provide the following information: name; institutional affiliation; language competency; a brief explanation of your experience in the field of international law and justice.


Unsolicited reviews of 500-900 words are also accepted from time to time.


If you are interested in having a title reviewed, please contact the book editor, with information about the title in question. Alternatively, non-returnable titles may be mailed directly to:


Dr Anna Marie Brennan

School of Law and Social Justice,

University of Liverpool,

Mulberry Court (Walnut House),

Mulberry Street,


L7 7EZ


Preference may be given to reviews of non-English language materials and to reviews of newly published books.



Public Access policy


The journal’s contents will be freely available online. Please see further below:



Author’s Original Version


The author’s original version is defined here as the un-refereed author version of an article that is considered by the author to be of sufficient quality to be submitted for formal peer review by a second party. The author accepts full responsibility for the article, which may have a version number or date stamp and the content and layout is set out by the author.


Prior to acceptance for publication in the journal, authors retain the right to make their original version of the article available on their own personal website and/or that of their employer and/or in free public servers of original version articles in their subject area, provided that, upon acceptance, they acknowledge that the article has been accepted for publication as follows:


“This article has been accepted for publication in The Hague Journal of International Justice which is available at: [web address].”


Once an article is accepted for publication, an author may not make the version of record available in this way or replace their original version with the accepted manuscript or version of record.


Accepted Manuscript


The accepted manuscript is defined here as the final draft author manuscript, as accepted for publication by a journal, including modifications based on referees’ suggestions, before it has undergone copyediting and proof correction.


Authors may upload their accepted manuscript PDF to an institutional and/or centrally organized repository, provided that public availability is delayed until 12 months after online publication in the journal.


When uploading an accepted manuscript to a repository, authors should include the following acknowledgment as well as a link to the version of record. This will guarantee that the version of record is readily available to those accessing the article from public repositories, and means that the article is more likely to be cited correctly.


This is a pre-copyedited, author-produced PDF of an article accepted for publication in The Hague Journal of International Justice following peer review. The version of record [insert complete citation information here] is available online at: xxxxxxx [insert URL that the author will receive upon publication here].